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Get a Taste of Your Future with a Breadeaúx® Pizza franchise.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that’s easy to operate and doesn’t take a fortune to start, you’ll like our Breadeaúx Pizza franchise. We’ve created a business around a unique version of everyone’s favorite food, a unique market niche and a reputation for quality. As a prospective franchisee, you’ll find our Breadeaúx Pizza franchise has all the right ingredients for business success: low investment, a popular product, a smooth-running, low-overhead operation and a market niche that gives you a competitive edge and great growth opportunities.

Here are some of the features that make us so special…

SPECIAL MARKET NICHE Our Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant concept has been carefully designed to be successful in communities that are often overlooked by other food service franchisors who have higher volume demands.
FAST STARTUP A Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant can usually be open for business in 60 to 90 days from approval of final plans.
LOW INVESTMENT A Breadeaúx Pizza franchise is one of the lowest investments in the food industry.
FINANCING     AVAILABILITY If you qualify, financing for the major equipment portion of your startup investment is available from a variety of sources — we will assist you in this process.
LOW OVERHEAD Our compact facilities and equipment specifications have been carefully designed to minimize operating costs.
SMOOTH OPERATION The Breadeaúx Pizza franchise has been thoroughly streamlined so you spend your time where it is most profitable.
UNIQUE, QUALITY PRODUCTS Breadeaúx Pizza brand pizza is not just pizza. Ask our customers. From our unique french bread crust to our 100% pure toppings, you can taste the quality.
EXTENSIVE MENU Not only do we have the best pizza you can find, but, we’ve extended our menu so your customers have more reasons to visit your restaurant.  Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads, Appetizers, Desserts, Cookies.  Even a BBQ rib program.  We have it all.
EXTENSIVE TRAINING You’ll receive extensive training at our corporate headquarters followed by another full week at your own restaurant just prior to opening.
CORPORATE SUPPORT Our team will help you get your business off to a flying start. Once you’re operational, you’ll receive the benefits of ongoing support to build a high level of performance, proven throughout the system.
COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING Our distinctive trademarks, attractive restaurants, and extensive marketing resources are examples of the superior approach to marketing built into each Breadeaúx Pizza franchise.

Commonly Asked Questions
Call for the answer to these or any other questions you might have about Breadeaúx Pizza.

  • Am I required to have restaurant experience to open my own Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant?
  • How many people can attend your training program?
  • What type of ongoing support will we receive from operations and marketing?
  • When is the full amount of the franchise fee due?
  • Is there a limit to the number of franchises I can own?
  • What is the duration of my franchise agreement?
  • Will Breadeaúx Pizza help with site selection and construction plans?
  • Does Breadeaúx Pizza allow remodeling of existing buildings?
  • Will Breadeaúx Pizza assist me with financing my Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant?
  • Must equipment and supplies be purchased from Breadeaúx Pizza?
  • What is the time frame for opening my Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant?

Here’s What To Do Next:

  1. Read through the most commonly asked questions shown above.
  2. Download & Complete Franchise Application.
  3. Return to corporate office.

Download PDF Breadeaux_Franchise_Application.pdf