Our Story

Breadeaúx Pizza, one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the Midwest and Canada.

Since its establishment in Corning, Iowa in 1985, Breadeaúx Pizza restaurants have continued to open in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Illinois. We are actively expanding as the demand for our exciting franchise concept and opportunity continues to grow.

Breadeaúx Pizza was designed with rural communities in mind. Franchises are attractively priced, and the company stresses that there is corporate help every step of the way. A typical unit can usually be opened for business 60-90 days following approval of final plans.

What makes Breadeaúx Pizza different from other pizza franchises?…Our Products!

What makes our products different? The most important single factor is our crust, which is chewy and sweet, and reminiscent of fine French Bread. While other pizza places boast about using dough made fresh daily, at Breadeaúx Pizza restaurants, our dough is aged and double-raised, once quickly, and the second time slowly while being chilled. This process is done on-site at every Breadeaúx Pizza location. The major difference in our dough preparation creates our distinctive taste and texture.

Our Breadeaúx Pizza sauce and dough additives are packaged and sealed in a food laboratory, which ensures quality control from day to day, restaurant to restaurant. Our second great product difference is our cheese. It is a semi-soft blend of Real­ Cheese, made from fresh whole milk. Our cheese, therefore, has a unique texture, flavor and workability.

The third great product difference is that our Breadeaúx Pizza meat toppings are lean meat. There is never any cereal, soy bean extender, fats or other non-meat fillers used in our Breadeaúx Pizza specialty meats.

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