Your Breadeaúx Pizza

Since its establishment in Corning, Iowa in 1985, Breadeaúx Pizza restaurants have become a well established part of the communities they serve in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois and Arkansas. We are expanding as the demand for our exciting franchise concept and opportunity continues to grow.

Breadeaúx Pizza was designed with rural communities in mind. Franchises are attractively priced, and the company stresses that there is corporate help every step of the way. A typical unit can usually be opened for business 60-90 days following approval of final plans.

What makes Breadeaúx Pizza different from other pizza franchises…Our Products!

Our specially seasoned pizza sauce and dough are proprietary recipes developed over the years and only available at Breadeaúx Pizza. Another great product difference is our cheese. It is a semi-soft blend of Real­ Cheese, made from fresh whole milk that gives it a unique texture and flavor – always fresh, never frozen.

If you’re interested in our Breadeaúx Pizza concept click here or call 248-363-4580.